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Professional Real Estate Copywriter

Accurate, Compelling Real Estate Copywriting... Fast!


Inspire prospective clients to contact you with quality copy that is nothing short of captivating!

If you’re feeling stuck when writing your real estate property descriptions, blogs, or other marketing material, let a pro copywriter help! We can create the accurate, compelling content you need to take your real estate business to the next level.

Young Property Real Estate Copywriting specializes in:

  • real estate and vacation rental property descriptions

  • real estate, mortgage, and travel blog posts

  • brand copy, agent bios, flyers, and newsletters

  • various real estate, mortgage, and travel content

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  • What do real estate copywriters do?
    A real estate copywriter creates a wide variety of marketing materials for real estate professionals. This content may be property descriptions, blog posts, agent bios, flyers, emails, or other writings needed within the real estate industry. Many agents and brokers attempt to write their own material. Some are relatively successful, while others struggle and become frustrated. The goal of a great real estate copywriter is to create engaging content that will captivate prospective clients, all while reducing the agent’s stress levels. A talented real estate writer wants to help bring their clients’ businesses to unprecedented levels by appealing to people’s emotional needs and wants. It is persuasive, meaningful writing that tells a story – a story in which readers will want to be included. Real estate copywriters offer solutions to problems. They show prospective buyers why they can’t miss out on a property. They provide valuable explanations in blog form, bringing much-needed information to readers. They reveal how special each agent is by writing one-of-a-kind professional bios that help attract clients. A skilled real estate writer never accepts mediocrity – they aren’t satisfied until each line of content is fascinating and flawless. They are there for their real estate clients, making each day a bit better than the last.
  • What is my process for working with clients?
    Working with me is straightforward, easy, and affordable. Here is a quick breakdown of what to expect if you choose to hire me as your copywriter: 1. Consultation – Once you reach out to me regarding your project, I will assess your needs and determine what your project entails. Depending on your specific order, I will need a few things from you to start. Expect to provide property information, address, and photos if requesting a property description. If you need a blog, we will discuss your requested topic and details about what you’d like. For professional bios, I will email you a list of questions that you will answer to help me write all about how awesome you are! For any other project requests, we can discuss what I will need to begin. I also encourage clients to let me know what tone they’d like me to use. I can churn out fun, laid-back material or create strictly professional content – or, if you prefer, I can write somewhere in the middle. The choice is yours! Once we lay out all the details of your project, I will provide you with a quote and an estimated completion date. We will proceed to step 2 if you are satisfied with all conditions. 2. Research – Next, I will take time to do the necessary research before starting any work. This research time will be included in your project quote. While researching, I will make notes and brainstorm how to create a “knock your socks off” piece for you! For properties, that will include viewing photos, researching property details, and investigating the local neighborhood and its amenities. For blogs, I use various trusted resources to craft material, keeping detailed notes along the way. When it comes to professional bios, it’s all about learning the ins and outs of the agent and what makes them tick! 3. Project Creation – Now that I know all the details and have my ideas laid out, I begin to write your content. This process is never rushed or completed in a loud, distracting environment. 100% of my attention and concentration will be on creating the dazzling content you need. I begin by creating a project outline and rough draft. Then, I perfect the piece, ensuring it is engaging and has impeccable spelling and grammar. I keep my client in mind when writing – I aim to exhaust all efforts to make you (and your readers) happy. During project creation, you may receive occasional questions from me. I always reach out if I am unsure about what you need or are expecting. I do my best to always “get it right” the first time! 4. Client Review and Satisfaction – You will review my submitted content during this step. If there is anything you’re not happy with, I am eager to make the needed changes. Because I want you to be 100% satisfied, two revisions are always included in the project price. Once you are sure that you are pleased with the content, you will make payment via PayPal or Venmo – I will provide you with the information you need to complete the transaction. I am available to my clients after project completion. When you decide to collaborate with me, I always work hard to be transparent, responsive, and helpful. Of course, I’d love to have you come back for future projects, but if not, I’ll always be here as a friend!
  • What makes Young Property Copy a great choice?
    There are a few reasons why Young Property Copy is a great choice! First and foremost, I have industry knowledge and loads of experience creating persuasive real estate content. Young Property Copy also rises above the competition in other ways, including its thoroughness and dependability. No detail is too small to overlook, and no step is too large to take to ensure a client’s satisfaction. Material isn’t whipped up quickly to make a buck – it’s all about project value, my client’s satisfaction, and their business growth! Another bonus – we also help reduce stress levels and create more time for you to be doing what you love. Need an extra cup of morning coffee or more time with an on-the-fence client? You’ve got it! I will work relentlessly to capture what you’re trying to tell your clients, and I won’t give up until it’s perfect.

How Young Property Copy Can Help

Check out a few of our real estate and vacation rental copywriter services below.

Real Property Descriptions

Attract buyers (or renters) with a mesmerizing real estate property description. Simply choose what fits your project needs best - 150, 250, or 400 words.

Blog Posts

Target your potential clients with a fun, quality, informative real estate blog post. We do mortgage and travel blogs, too! Choose from 500, 750, or 1,000 words.

Brand Copy, Bios, and More

If you need it, we can write it! We also specialize in brand copy, real estate agent bios, flyers,  listing, headline, full newsletters, and more. Please use the contact form to request a customized order.

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