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Freelance Travel Writer

Competent, Fast, Reliable Travel Writing


Hire a freelance travel writer

From family-friendly travel destinations to couple-only retreats, a talented travel writer can help your readers explore beautiful locations before booking a trip! Get awe-inspiring content from a knowledgeable freelance writer passionate about all things travel.

What is travel writing?

From the beginning of time, people have been curious about what’s beyond the horizon. Because of our interests in what’s “out there,” travel writing has been around for thousands of years. Historians believe that Herodotus, a prolific Greek writer, was the first-ever travel writer. He trekked around the Mediterranean and other parts of the world, writing about his findings from 450-420 B.C.!​

Our Travel Copyrighting specializes in:

  • real estate and vacation rental property descriptions

  • real estate, mortgage, and travel blog posts

  • brand copy, agent bios, flyers, and newsletters

  • various real estate, mortgage, and travel content

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Freelance Travel Writing is Our Passion

Most people turn to the internet to research travel destinations in today's digital world. Readers need reliable travel information, whether it’s exciting things to do in a nearby city or pet-friendly resorts on exotic islands.

Years ago, travel writing was content written by someone who physically traveled to a location, sharing their findings. They usually wrote about what they experienced, what foods they liked, and where they enjoyed staying. While this is sometimes still true, modern travel writing is often written by a knowledgeable freelancer who does extensive research, subsequently sharing travel tips, recommendations, advice, and “must-sees.”

A skilled freelance travel writer knows how to take their readers on a thrilling adventure – a mini vacation, if you will. Once they read about a specific destination and how breathtaking it is, they will be enticed to book a trip to see it for themselves!

Why is writing for travel important?

When a reader goes on a mental journey with a travel writer, they are transported to another place where they can explore the local sights, sounds, people, and food. Travel writing produces emotions in people, exposing them to unique experiences and cultures.

Freelance travel writing can make readers dream as nothing else can – it can also provide practical information, such as the top 10 places to enjoy a late-night meal in Los Angeles, CA, or the best caves to explore in the Smoky Mountains. There are no limits to where travel writing can take readers!

If you are a vacation rental property manager, travel blog owner, or otherwise work within the travel industry, Young Property Copy can help you! Whether it’s persuading travelers to book your cabin, beach house, or bungalow; or getting people to explore your travel site for further information, we’ve got you covered. Let us help your readers discover your awe-inspiring destination!

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What do you get when you use Young Property Copy for your travel writing publications or online travel magazine?

A freelance writer with extensive travel writing experience

Travel content tailored to fit your specific needs

  Flawless spelling and grammar

In-depth research and accurate subject matter

Captivating titles and interesting content

Travel articles and blog posts written with you and your readers in mind

Transparency and responsiveness

In-depth research and accurate subject matter

What my travel writer jobs look like:

·         “Best of” and “Top 10” lists – Think bullet points and numbered lists that share only the finest hotels, restaurants, attractions, and experiences of a particular area
·         “How to” guides – Great articles such as “How to Travel on a Budget”
·         Weekend articles – The best ways to effectively explore a destination in a short amount of time
·         Special event blogs – Highlight the details of a festival, fair, or upcoming event in a region
·         Traditional destination blog – Features the who, what, when, where, and whys of a location
·         Additional travel content – If you can dream it, I can write it!
What is my process for working with clients?
Working with me is straightforward, easy, and affordable.
Here is a quick breakdown of what to expect if you choose to hire me as your copywriter:
1.       Consultation – Once you reach out to me regarding your project, I will assess your needs and determine what your project entails.
Depending on your specific order, I will need a few things from you to start. I will need information like the topic, subtopics, requested keywords, and blog format for a travel blog post. But don’t worry – we can discuss this more during the consultation if you have any uncertainties!
I also encourage clients to let me know what tone they’d like me to use. I can churn out fun, laid-back material or create strictly professional content – or, if you prefer, I can write somewhere in the middle. The choice is yours!
Once we lay out all the details of your project, I will provide you with a quote and an estimated completion date. We will proceed to step 2 if you are satisfied with all conditions.
2.       Research – Next, I will take time to do the necessary travel research before starting any work. This research time will be included in your project quote. While researching, I will make notes and brainstorm how to create a “knock your socks off” piece for you! I use various trusted resources to craft my original travel content, keeping detailed notes along the way.
3.       Project Creation – Now that I know all the details and have my ideas laid out, I begin to write your travel blog or article. This process is never rushed or completed in a loud, distracting environment. 100% of my attention and concentration will be on creating the dazzling content you need.
I begin by creating a project outline and rough draft. Then, I perfect the piece, ensuring it is engaging and has impeccable spelling and grammar. I keep my client in mind when writing – I aim to exhaust all efforts to make you (and your travel readers) happy.
During project creation, you may receive occasional questions from me. I always reach out if I am unsure about what you need or expect. I do my best to always “get it right” the first time!
4.       Client Review and Satisfaction – You will review my submitted content during this step. If there is anything you’re not happy with, I am eager to make the needed changes. Because I want you to be 100% satisfied, two revisions are always included in the project price.
Once you are sure that you are pleased with the content, you will make payment via PayPal or Venmo – I will provide you with the information you need to complete the transaction.
I am available to my clients after project completion. When you decide to collaborate with me, I always work hard to be transparent, responsive, and helpful. Of course, I’d love to have you return for future projects, but if not, I’ll always be here as a friend!
What makes Young Property Copy a great choice?
There are a few reasons why Young Property Copy is a great choice! First and foremost, I have industry knowledge and loads of experience creating persuasive travel content.
Young Property Copy also rises above the competition in other ways, including its thoroughness and dependability. No detail is too small to overlook, and no step is too large to take to ensure a client’s satisfaction. Material isn’t whipped up quickly to make a buck – it’s all about project value, my client’s satisfaction, and their business growth!
I will work relentlessly to capture what you’re trying to tell your readers, and I won’t give up until it’s perfect.

How Young Property Copy Can Help

Check out a few of our real estate and vacation rental copywriter services below.

Real Property Descriptions

Attract buyers (or renters) with a mesmerizing real estate property description. Simply choose what fits your project needs best - 150, 250, or 400 words.

Blog Posts

Target your potential clients with a fun, quality, informative real estate blog post. We do mortgage and travel blogs, too! Choose from 500, 750, or 1,000 words.

Brand Copy, Bios, and More

If you need it, we can write it! We also specialize in brand copy, real estate agent bios, flyers,  listing, headline, full newsletters, and more. Please use the contact form to request a customized order.

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